“Persetujuan Import” (PI) refers to an Import Approval issued by the Ministry of Trade (Kementerian Perdagangan). This approval is required for importing certain goods into Indonesia and is part of the country’s regulatory framework aimed at controlling and monitoring imports to ensure they align with national economic policies and regulations. The PI is typically necessary for goods that are subject to import restrictions, quotas, or specific licensing requirements. Importers must apply for and obtain PI before bringing goods into the country, demonstrating compliance with Indonesian regulations and standards. The process involves submitting necessary documentation, including details about the imported goods, their origin, and intended use. Obtaining PI facilitates smoother customs clearance and ensures that imported goods meet safety, quality, and environmental standards set by Indonesian authorities.

Import Approval (PI) is an import permit or approval used as a permit enforced to import goods commodities determined and issued by the Ministry of Trade. This import approval refers to the Minister of Trade’s Regulation No. 68 aimed at limiting imported products that will be imported to Indonesia and to protect the circulation of domestic products.